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For his father/step-father with the same title, see Sir Tiuri The Valiant.

Sir Tiuri the Valiant is the main character of The Letter for the King. He is played by Amir Wilson.

Tiuri is a young knight from Eviellan who was saved by Sir Tiuri The Valiant at a young age. When he was 16 (15 show), he was tasked with delivering a secret letter to the King. In the show, he found himself at the center of a prophecy about a hero would rise to defeat Prince Viridian and the darkness that was posessing him. He was initially believed to be the hero but it was later discovered it was Lavinia


Early life[]

At a young age, Tiuri and his mother were brought to Dagonaut in chains. Sir Tiuri The Valiant took them in and won the love of his mother,and raised him as his son.

Knight trials[]

Tiuri underwent the Knight Trials. However, due to his poor combat abilities, his father paid off another to lose. When Tiuri confronted his father for it, he was told to go along with it or he'd no longer be considered his son.

The night of his Vigil, Tiuri broke it when he heard cries for help. He came to the Black Knight's side as he died and was told to deliver the letter. However, Tiuri ran off, but Ardanwen followed Tiuri anyways with the letter. Tiuri rushed back home to his father and told him what he witnessed. When his father hid him, he defended himself against Fantumar but his father was eventually killed.




The Letter for the King[]
  • "Prologue: The Knights of King Dagonaut"
  • "Part One: A Mysterious Mission"
  • "Part Two: The Journey through the Forest"
  • "Part Three: Castle Mistrinaut"
  • "Part Four: Along the Blue River"
  • "Part Five: In the Mountains"
  • "Part Six: To the East of the Rainbow River"
  • "Part Seven: To the West of the Rainbow River"
  • "Part Eight: Back to the City of Dagonaut"


Behind the scenes[]